Monday, September 12, 2016

Pros And Cons Around Ultrawide Monitor

For some people, working in front of computer for many hours a day is quite tiring and boring. For some, it is just fine (maybe for gamers and others). However, tiring or not, a job is still a job; you have to do it no matter what. To create a better work environment, an upgrade on your instruments will work best.

For instance, you can have a better monitor to enhance your productivity and boosts your mood while working because you can watch videos and working at the same time! However, just like other normal thing, ultrawide monitor also have pros and cons, regardless the excellences it claims.

The Pros of Having an Ultrawide

To name the pros of this monitor is one easy job. Even only be recalling the name, one can surely know that the plus point is the width. By far, 34 inch of display is the widest and greatest siblings of ultrawides.

The ranges of pixels from 1080, 3440, 2560, and 1444 pixels, you can pick the most suitable for your taste. Some of those offers different refresh rates; 60, 75 and 144 Hz. This will be a solution for those who have been setting up three monitors in one row (gamers frequently do this).

The Cons of Having an Ultrawide

Done with the pros, we are going to talk about the cons. Most of the cons here goes from gamers’ side. Firstly, it is because of the compatibility of these screens. Only some games that can be displayed on a 21:9 aspect ratio. And forcing other games in ultrawide can make it displayed automatically just like in a 16:9 aspect ratio, resulting on black bars on your screen.

Secondly, most of these people did not install three monitors only to make it looks like long screen, but in fact, they demand more space to work. So having an ultrawide is not a choice if your multi monitors are still wider and comfy enough. Moreover, ultrawide only go horizontally and the vertical space is just the same as others. Thus it do not benefits you when working with spreadsheets.